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Conversion Cost Model - Rebar.

Example format

Typical rebar conversion costs
Item $/unitFactorUnitUnit costFixedVariableTotal
Billet t  
Billet transport t  
Scrap credit t  
Manpower MHPT
Natural Gas GJ  
Electricity KwH  
Work rolls  
Depreciation t
SG&A costs
Total rebar   

The table above shows the format of the cost model that estimates rebar conversion costs from carbon steel billet, on a traditional 14-20 stand semi-continuous rolling mill. Mill output is assumed to be rebar in lengths of 10-24mm diameter (not bar-in-coil).

This model is available for purchase from However, it should be understood that any further use of the model is likely to require

  • a knowledge of upstream cost structures [steelmaking, casting]
  • further adaptation for actual billet costs, for labour and energy costs, scrap prices, for depreciation charges etc
  • adjustment for local operational circumstances.

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